It’s been quite a journey for a small town boy who dreamed about beyond ordinary life. Well, I have probably said that wrong. No life is ordinary unless we see it that way. So, for me, ordinary life represents the usual day-to-day life around me in that small town called Kharagpur. Maybe I was exhausted from the struggle that I was doing to keep myself relevant in various rat races. I was naive. Later I realized that struggle is omnipresent. Sometimes, I get to choose which one to deal with, and sometimes I don’t. I also understood that choosing to confront the appropriate struggles helps me to achieve what I dream for. Some people call them being constantly outside of their comfort zone. It’s ironic because of these struggles, life feels pleasant, rewarding, and blessed on some days and tiring, painful, and challenging on other days. I guess we can’t have our highs without the lows. The path is still quite long although the destination is visible somewhat, and, instead of walking, I am trying to trot, taking one day at a time, carefully choosing my struggles (at least I am trying to). And, I am sure I will be there at some point in time….

On a hiking trip with family

You might be wondering so far this is not an ideal ‘about me’ example and you are probably right. Unfortunately in terms of current social media standard it’s no different than ordinary. I am thankful to my family that they condone me for who I am. I generally feel most parties are a waste of time, often like to debate politics among like-minded friends for hours, like to cook and eat at home and, like to stay far from the busy, noisy, bright and apparently happy city streets. Every morning, I enjoy a cup of Darjeeling tea. I guess, if you really would like to know about me, my blog posts would be a better place to start. But, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any queries or would like to give feedback.

While visiting Volvo Renault Truck location at Lyon, France

The world is run by numbers. Anything we see, touch and hear are connected with numbers. When I look down my number connection, I found it’s all about one number as shown below. I am curious if the trend will continue in the future.

The number 10 is quite popular in sports, I have yet to find its implication on me