The colors of life

Why the sky is so colorful?

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I remember a short story written by a notable Bengali writer Bonoful (Balaichand Mukhopadhyay) named ‘Dadur Uttor’ (My grandfather’s response). If I may summarize the main context of the tale for those who don’t know the story. One day a small kid got curious and enthralled after seeing a colorful sunset at the bank of the river Ganga. He returned home thinking ‘why there are so many colors in the sky? Later that evening, his grandfather overheard a conversation between the kid and his private tutor about the same topic and later decided to explain it differently. The grandfather explained, that the sun being very generous, gives away innumerable colors all the time. An image of that generosity reflects every morning and evening in the sky for a short period of time and then they gradually spread everywhere. One can find them in the mother’s love, in the face of a father, in the smile of a sibling, in the flowers, fruits, birds, and so on. The kid liked the answer a lot better than what he got from his private tutor earlier. The story ends with the fact that the kid is now grown-up and understood the real science behind the colorful sunrise and sunsets. But he still believes in the explanation that his grandfather told him once.

I remember the story even after 25 years and may be because this explanation made a sustainable impact on mind since I first read this story. Similar to the kind, I too get spellbound almost every time when I am viewing a sunset. As a late riser, I only get to see sunset more often than sunrise. Sometimes, if I have my phone with me, I can’t help myself to capture these moments with my phone.

When I go through my archive of these memories, I also find that not two memories are similar just like us the human. I guess, it showcases the beauty of randomness. It teaches us that without it, our life would be boring. For me it definitely mood changer in a positive way. I try to find these colors in my wife’ smile, in my daughter’s joyful eyes, in my son’s naughty face. I also try to find those colors within myself. It helps me to confront a bad day and teaches me the generosity on a better day and often inspire me to help those who are not lucky enough like me.